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We focus on providing our clients with Tech Teams Augmentation Solutions, be it from scratch, or as an add-on to already on-going projects.

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KWAN - IT Staff Augmentation Services

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We offer a personalized coaching program provided by in-house specialists, our People Managers, to ensure IT professionals are motivated, focused on their tasks, and developing their skills, therefore reducing high turnover and increasing retention of our clients’ tech teams.


years of experience

We specialize in the recruitment, allocation, and mentoring of tech talent.



We have clients in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, UK and USA



Our KWANers which 40% are seniors, and 45% are mid-level, with experience in several technologies.



for us to find the perfect candidates ready to join your project

“In an industry such as the tech one, where computers play a major role, it’s refreshing to account on a partner that is human, open, sensitive, and understandable as KWAN."
Jérôme Camurani

Our Stats in 2023

With KWAN, you don’t need to wait for 30 or 60 days to have your new team member ready to work. 

We pro-actively hire developers every week, so you can have the perfect candidate(s) ready to join your project within two weeks.


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Interviewed Candidate Pool

We’re always meeting, assessing and curating our candidates on our database.

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Weekly Interviews

Ambassadors constantly scout the market, interviewing a weekly average of 100 candidates.

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Got an Offer

Our carefully curated CV shortlist hits your briefing bulls-eye

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Candidates placed

Our hiring process delivers the volume you need to level up your tech team.

With more than 15 years of experience we're trusted by 5 different industries, from banks, automobile, e-commerce and technology.

ISO27001 and GDPR certification.

We find the right tech talent

for your project

“As a KWANer alumni, choosing KWAN - the best Portuguese company I ever worked for - as our outsourcing partner was an obvious choice: KWAN and Team Resilience’s values, and culture are very much aligned. Moreover, KWAN is essential to help us find the best candidates for our open positions and academies due to their wide knowledge of the market and their constant presence on job fairs and other university events.”
Team Resilience
Team Resilience
Ricardo Antunes - OutSystems Tech Lead

KWAN Solutions

At KWAN, we focus on matching the best tech talent to the right tech project. We work closely with our Clients acting as their HR team extension

Remote Tech Team Outsourcing

We source, hire and manage tech talent to work as our clients’ team extensions. This solution is offered remotely or from our office in Lisbon, for projects across the globe.

Junior Academy Outsourcing

We hire and source the most fitted graduated students to join your tech academy.

Junior Developer Integration

Reinforce your team with a developer with technical foundations from an academic degree, and benefit from the fast learning curve of a junior.

“KWAN’s proactive initiative was a massive benefit. We needed to drastically increase our development staff and KWAN was able to provide the solution by creating a highly skilled team of developers, who fit the cultural and technical requirements. KWAN’s proactive initiative was a massive benefit to the cultivation of the team, and the process as a whole. The company was quick to help HostelWorld overcome the obstacle of setting up technical operations in a new country. Throughout the whole process, HostelWorld had nothing but praise for KWAN and the team they assembled."
Philip Bannon - Software Development & Engineering Manager



We assess the needs of your team & build the briefing

Analysis of terms and conditions and respective signature

We share a shortlist of CVs

You interview our talent shortlist.

Final decision, offer, and entry date alignment.

Your privacy matters

We're ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

That all information shared by customers, candidates and KWANers is now safer. ISO 27001 guarantees the data’s confidentiality and a higher level of protection in the event of a cyber attack.

This certification is a process of continuous improvement, to which we will continue to give our full attention in order to guarantee the protection of your data.

Why Portugal?


A geographically-restricted tech team is always talent-limited too.
IT Outsourcing and Nearshoring can be the recruitment strategy to get your project out of its rut and stay competitive in the global market.

Portugal is perfect for many reasons, it is an exquisite location and we have Talented Professionals at a Rate You Can Pay 


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