12 Tips on How to Make Friends at Coworking Spaces

Hey remote worker! Do you need a break from working at home? Learn with our tips how to easily make friends at coworking spaces!

Coding from home may seem ideal for many people but, for others, the household environment can be full of distractions. Or even lonely over time. Making use of other places to work remotely, like coworking spaces, can be just the answer for many developers!

Coworking takes some of the best things you miss from working at the office like being in a professional and focused environment, without having to feel restrained in a traditional office. Also, you get the chance to meet and work with several entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers, like yourself, from many different industries.

Do you need help finding better ways to break the ice and start making new connections in a new coworking space? Look no further because, in this article, we’ll be giving you 12 tips on how to make friends at coworking spaces.

12 Tips on How to Make Friends at Coworking Spaces

1. Introduce yourself

The first step to making friends in your new coworking space is making an effort to interact. Try talking to one or two people every day, whenever you get an opportunity. Introduce yourself, tell people what you do and what company you work for, ask about their work, and see where the conversation leads you.

It might seem awkward at first but as soon as you start getting to know the people around you, you’ll realize it’s worth it!

2. Join the events at the coworking space


Coworking spaces usually host a variety of events like workshops, community lunches and drinks, and game nights, which are great opportunities to network and make new friends. Take advantage of the fun, relaxed environment to introduce yourself to new people.

3. Hang out in community areas


If you don’t feel comfortable walking up to people to introduce yourself, try hanging out in the community areas of the coworking space like the coffee/snack bar or a lounge area. There you can approach people who are taking a break from work and strike a casual conversation that’ll feel effortless.

4. Greet people by name

This might seem like a simple act but greeting people by name goes a long way when it comes to warming up to them in your coworking space. It lets people know that you remember them – to the point of memorizing their name – leaving a positive impression and facilitating the development of a friendly connection.

5. Be helpful


Assisting someone in your coworking space when they need help is an easy way to win new friends. Keep in mind some of the things that you’re good at like, for instance, writing engaging email responses, or finding solutions for tech problems, and let your coworkers know about it. Being the go-to person is a great way to network and an opportunity to leave a nice impression.

Plus, when you’re the one in need of a little help, who knows, maybe your new acquaintances can be there for you too!

6. Listen


If you’ve managed to strike a conversation with someone at your coworking space, make sure you’re listening and paying attention to what they’re telling you. Being a good listener is also a big part of being a good friend. Always try to show real interest in their stories and appreciate them for their successes.

7. Make it positive

Gossiping and complaining might be fun and even a nice stress reliever from time to time. But in the long term, it can also help create a toxic environment, so try to avoid it while getting to know your new coworkers. It’s okay to complain once in a while but try being positive and cheerful as much as you can. Remember that a positive attitude is a very attractive feature in a potential friend.

8. Don’t be afraid to open up


Once you start speaking with someone at your coworking space a bit more regularly you might want to start opening up about your personal life. Talking about your pets, hobbies, or even sharing personal experiences is completely fine. Just make sure you keep the conversation interesting and positive and avoid going too deep on potentially sad or awkward topics.

At least on the first interactions!

9. But don’t overdo it

While the idea of making new friends at work seems fun, especially when your coworkers come from so many different backgrounds, try not to be overwhelming in your interactions.

Avoid interrupting your coworkers if you see that they are very focused or stressed. Moreover, being pushy won’t really help you make new friends, so be aware of people’s limits and try to respect them.

10. Ask for restaurant/café recommendations


If your coworking space is located in a place that you’re unfamiliar with, you can use this trick to spark up some conversation. Ask your coworkers about the best places to grab a bite or a cup of coffee in the area. People tend to like sharing their knowledge on the best, secret places to go out to so, this will strike an engaging conversation and may even pose as an opportunity to go out for lunch with some of your coworkers in the near future.

11. Praise the people you like

People will tend to like you if they think you like them back. Might seem silly, but it’s actually true. If you take the time to praise your coworkers from time to time, be warm, speak highly of them, and congratulate them on their achievements they’re more likely to think of you as a friend.

Again, don’t overdo it, or it will seem fake!

12. “Repot” your friendships

Repotting means changing the settings in which you interact with your friends. Studies have shown that interacting with people in different places deepens their bond. So, if you’re becoming closer with a friend in your coworking space and want to strengthen your relationship it might be time to repot your friendship. Try inviting them out for dinner, a game, or any other activity you both enjoy!

12 Tips on How to Make Friends at Coworking Spaces: Final Thoughts

Whether you choose a coworking space in the middle of a bustling town, or you prefer to code away from the city, you’ll be able to meet a lot of different people, with different jobs, and different backgrounds. This means that, sooner or later, you’re going to start making new friends in this new place.

If you’re a bit insecure when it comes to approach new people, just remember our tips on how to make friends at coworking spaces: for starters, be sure to make an effort to talk to one or two people every day, be the go-to person, show interest and be a good listener, and don’t forget to praise people for their accomplishments.

Once you become closer with some of your coworkers, open up to them (without overdoing it) and repot your friendships. Working remotely doesn’t have to be lonely at all so, take our tips, get out there, and start making new friends wherever you decide to work from!

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