Best Coworking Lisbon: the Top 15 on the Portuguese Capital

Working remotely is becoming the norm for many workers, especially in tech. Although many choose to stay at home, others prefer “coworking” solutions. The exchange of experiences and learning, combined with the convenience of an accessible workspace when travelling, make this concept increasingly appealing.

The truth is the expression “coworking” has been around for over 20 years and many companies have been adopting this practice in their organisations. In Portugal, this concept has taken shape with digital nomadism, as well as with the COVID-19 pandemic, which made companies and employees rethink their needs and work models. Since then, “coworking” has conquered more and more entrepreneurs, bringing economic advantages and increased creativity and productivity, due to the creation of an ecosystem of sharing and mutual help. This is proven by the rise of dozens of coworking spaces all over the country.

Lisbon is on the map of cities that has seen a growth of these spaces, offering an increasing number of modern and comfortable places. So let’s take a tour of the “City of the Seven Hills” and find out about the best coworking spaces that Lisbon has to offer.

Best Coworking Lisbon: the 15 best coworking spaces

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, offers a wide range of spaces that claim to be true “creativity hubs” for those who look to work in a convenient, comfortable, always connected, and social way.


They were awarded “Best Cowork in Southern Europe” at the South Europe Startup Awards in 2019, and since then, they’re still constantly evolving and are even the most awarded coworking space in Portugal. The two spaces at AVILA SPACES (in the Atrium Saldanha Building and in República Av.) were designed for those looking for a place where they feel at home while offering a comfortable and quality corporate environment. Depending on the chosen plan, the subscription to these spaces gives access to workshops and networking events, as well as a virtual office with a phone answering service, desk, and locker. There are also other advantages and services with the support of partners such as accounting, website design, and consultancy.

Monthly price: from €200+VAT per person (or €183+VAT if you subscribe annually).

SPACES Marquês de Pombal 

At Marquês de Pombal Square, Spaces Marquês de Pombal is renowned for the diversity of flexible offices and for the excellent coworking spaces for networking. With a business center, office space, 6 meeting rooms for booking, and access to coworking, Spaces Marquês de Pombal has been a reference for many “digital nomads” looking to work from all over the world, not least because by subscribing to an access plan to this space, you will also be able to access all 3000 units of the SPACES group worldwide. Another advantage of this space is the fast connections to the metro or bus, as well as shared bicycles right at the front door.

Monthly price: from €75 per person, 5 days a month.


Right next to the Beato’s Creative Hub, NOW_Beato stands out by being installed in a building that is over 100 years completely renovated, overlooking the Tagus river. This is the right space for startups, freelancers, and small events, believing in spontaneous peer collaboration. Designed to meet the demands of any worker, whether freelancer, remote worker, visiting digital nomad, startup founder, student, entrepreneur, artist, or all of this at the same time, NOW_ offers plans that can range from Hot Desks, Private Desks single and Duo, Private Studios for six coworkers and 24-hour access, and virtual office.

Minimum price: €12/day or €40/week (Hot Desk).

MU Workspace – Creative Cowork 

“The place where ideas happen” is how MU Workspace – Creative Cowork sees itself: a common and informal space that brings together people with different backgrounds. Located in a privileged area of Alta de Lisboa, this coworking space is aimed at anyone who likes to share knowledge, ideas, and opinions and, above all, who wants to reduce work costs and increase their networking base. It has a photo studio and a multipurpose room with 40 sq.m. each. In addition, MU Workspace – Creative Cowork is distinguished by the areas of Design and digital marketing, Street Art, Tattoo and Illustration, Photography, and Video.

Price: upon request.


This isn’t just one coworking space, there are four Heden spaces, all located in Lisbon’s downtown: Rossio, Santa Apolónia, Chiado, and Graça. However, they all share the same philosophy: inspiring spaces to cultivate, shape, and develop ideas. Heden, which is part of our list of the best coworking spaces in Lisbon, was created in 2018 and currently has several facilities in all the spaces, as well as private offices, fixed work desks or creative studios.

Price: upon request.


For those seeking a collaborative, social, and creative open-source environment, IDEA SPACES is the ideal coworking space. With four spaces in the city – Palácio Sotto Mayor, Parque das Nações, Saldanha e São Sebastião –  the entire community that joins IDEA SPACES can access all IDEA spaces with just one plan. In addition, the IDEA community ensures access to regular social and professional events, being an asset to enrich your network of contacts, expand your professional résumé or simply relax and toast with a beer. IDEA SPACES provides Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks.

Price: upon request.

Village Underground Lisboa 

It’s located close to the Lx Factory, in Alcântara, and describes itself as  “the home of a creative community in Lisbon”. In this space, the “residents” are working in renovated containers that are adapted to their needs: it can be work areas, offices, labs, or shops – that each one shapes to their own needs. With direct access to networking, workshops, and exhibitions, the Village Underground Lisbon is open every day (24/7).

Price: upon request.


It claims to be a locally founded and managed coworking space for those who value collaboration, authenticity, creativity, and flexibility. Located in Campo de Ourique, just five minutes from Largo do Rato, Resvés offers Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks, as well as spaces for teams. The Dedicated Desks include ergonomic chairs and also offer the possibility of renting a computer screen. This versatile space, designed to increase the creativity and productivity of each worker, also offers wellness programs.

Minimum price: €22+VAT/day for Hot Desk. €260+VAT/month for Dedicated Desk.

Workhub Lx

You work at the pace of Lisbon. Located in Marvila, Workhub Lx breathes and lives art and entrepreneurship, all in a single coworking space with total flexibility. They strive for intelligent spaces that facilitate each one’s workday, believing that the exchange of experiences and knowledge is one of the greatest values of working in a community. They have 24-hour access, a multifunction printer, a kitchen, a meeting room, and a bicycle area.

Minimum price: 15€/day for the Day Pass or 120€+VAT/month for the Flex plan.

Workup – Lisbon Cowork Centre 

“Workinn & Workout” is the motto of another one of the best coworking spaces that Lisbon has to offer. With a privileged location next to the university campus, Workup is five minutes from the airport and very close to Torres de Lisboa, the largest business center in Lisbon. Benefiting from excellent access, this space has 150 sq. m. of configurable space, two meeting rooms and one training room, a kitchen, and washing machine. The worker also has access to services for academics, professionals, and entrepreneurs, ranging from designing and carrying out research surveys to digital marketing services.

Monthly price: from €75+VAT/month per person.

Best Coworking Lisbon: alternative work-friendly spaces to use for free

From coffee shops to libraries, the city has some places you’ll love to discover and work on. So if you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee to use one of the suggested coworking spaces, how about trying one of these free spots?

Camões Library

Did you know that right next to the Bica Elevator there’s a place that is a little bit out of the ordinary? On the first floor of a building in Largo Calhariz, there’s the Camões Library. Apart from being super charming, the library has some rooms for team meetings, wi-fi, and some vending machines. Plus, you can access all the services of the BLX library network.

Cinemateca Portuguesa

Cinemateca is the place where Portuguese cinema is celebrated. Created in 1950, it preserves and divulges the cinematographic heritage, becoming a cultural hub of the city. 

In this building full of history, you can find the 39 Degraus Cine-Gastro-Bar. For those who like to work on a terrace where you can breathe the 7th Art, this is the ideal place.

Hello, Kristof 

“Coffee & Magazines”: this is the motto of “Hello, Kristof“, a Scandinavian-inspired coffee shop in one of the trendy areas of the city. The cozy space has a common table that allows you to have a conversation or bring your notebook and work, while enjoying a coffee which, they say, is amazing. If the conversation doesn’t inspire you or the teamwork isn’t being fruitful, you can always read some of the independent magazines available.

UBBO Work Hub

Yes, it’s in the UBBO shopping centre near Lisbon, but don’t be afraid. The Work Hub space was created from scratch for those looking for a space to study or work. And it has everything you need. Tables with built-in sockets, free wi-fi, and enhanced lighting are some of the features available. Plus, UBBO has a space where you can park your bike.

My Auchan CoWork Space

Above a supermarket, on Avenida da República. It may seem an unusual place, but it’s the place of My Auchan CoWork Space. With a capacity of 25 people, anyone can use the space freely. It has a pantry with a microwave and snack machine, a room for phone calls, and a meeting room. To go to this space, just enter into the My Auchan Avenida shop, go to the Bakery area, and enter the door that gives access to the first floor.

Best Coworking Lisbon: final thoughts

Working remotely is a reality for many tech workers like yourself!

Thankfully, the global trend of remote work has reached Lisbon and there are many coworking spaces for all needs, whether you are looking for a modern and comfortable coworking space with several services available, or simply a nice space where you can work and meet other remote workers, for free.

If your current job doesn’t allow you to live the digital nomad experience, KWAN is a remote-first company with many interesting projects to present to you. Get in touch and let us help you start your remote journey!