Code away from the city: 10 rural workspaces in Portugal

Working from home? We present you 10 rural cowork spaces so you can peacefully work away from the city. 🏡

You’ve been working from home for a while. At one point, you got tired of looking at the same walls every day and you even tried programming remotely from another space in your city. Still, working in the city comes with rush-hour traffic jams, loud noises, and people rushing everywhere, all the time. 

If you’re looking for a set change and want to escape from the city, and all that comes with it, for a while, stay tuned because we’re going to show you 10 rural workspaces in Portugal where you can code away from the city.

All of these suggestions are for paid workspaces, but some of them are very affordable. No matter your price range, you’ll surely find a place that suits you. Dare to try them on, we promise that remote work will never be the same again!

1 – Selina CoLive Gerês


Gerês is one of the most beautiful, natural places in Portugal. There you have the Selina CoLive that allows for great coworking in nature experiences. The place itself offers several commodities like dedicated coworking spaces (with desks, offices, and meeting rooms) and more relaxed settings (hammock beds and huts facing the river). 

Selina CoLive is equipped with the best Wi-Fi service in the area. A large width band and internet speed will allow to code from places outside the infrastructure, like in the Albufeira Gerês beach (a short walk away), in the forest, or in the mountains that surround the place.

This is a great place for remote programming and battery charging at the same time. Whenever you need a break from work, you can chill in the pool, try out yoga and meditation sessions, or explore the beautiful nature around you.

2 – Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel, Amarante


If you’re a wine lover and find yourself in the Oporto region, the Monverde hotel might be the best place for your programming getaway.

One of the best rural workspaces in Portugal, Monverde offers a relaxing experience for those who need to escape the city. Surrounded by vineyards and equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, the Monverde hotel allows you to work on your coding, peacefully. 

For leisure, you can enjoy a vast “wine library” or lounge in your private pool. But when it comes to programming, you have access to offices and meeting rooms, fully equipped with office supplies, a great Wi-Fi connection, and much-needed coffee stations.

Monverde hotel has a seven-night package for remote workers with a 40% discount over the total price.

3 – Casas do Juízo, Pinhel, Guarda

Casas do Juizo, literally translated to “judgment houses” is a yellow granite village that combines simpler ways of living with great coworking in nature opportunities. There you can rent rustic granite houses of different sizes and stay as long as you like. The longer the stay, the bigger the discount. 

This village is a great place for coding away from everything you know. There’s a good internet connection in all of the houses, but what can you do when you’re on a break?

This place is great if you want to connect with nature and live in a simple way. There’s nothing around you besides the few people that live in the village, farms, and farm animals. So you can take time to disconnect and enjoy the silence, get to know the locals and their old ways of doing things, you can go on great walks, and taste all of the traditional dishes from the area. 

4 – Six Senses, Douro Valley, Lamego 

If you’re looking for a more “premium” getaway experience, the Six Senses is one of the best rural workspaces in Portugal. Located in a World Heritage site, designated by UNESCO, this hotel prioritizes mixing the most amazing, relaxing experience, while still caring for sustainability with environmental responsibility.

Here you’ll have unlimited access to fast wi-fi, so you’ll be able to program remotely and enjoy other special offers like bullet coffee and energy bowls served directly to your room, a great desk, and a personal coffee maker. Plus, you also can check in early, and check out late, so if you’re a night person, you don’t have to worry about getting up early to leave.

With a beautiful view of the vineyards and the river, in the Six Senses, you’ll be able to experience the most refined activities, along with quality coding time and relaxation.

5 – PipeDream Coworking & Coliving, Peniche


If the beach is more your vibe, then PipeDream is the perfect place for you to escape. Located in the surf 🏄capital of Portugal, Peniche, this place offers a community hub for digital nomads and remote workers. They aim to welcome you like family and be your home away from home, while you’re coworking in nature.

Here you can break away from working on your own and get to know like-minded people. The villa has 2 coworking spaces with fast Wi-Fi connections, comfortable office chairs, many desks, and coffee. Lots of coffee. ☕

If you prefer, you can also work on a hammock or other sitting spaces outside. Plus, if you ever feel stuck while programming, you can stop, quickly jump in the pool, and go back with fresh ideas.

6 – Schist Village, Cerdeira, Lousã

Located right in the Serra of Lousã, Cerdeira, a rustic schist village was recently transformed into a remote work hub, the perfect place to escape the modern world and experience coworking in nature.

Cerdeira created special conditions for those who want a break from the city and enjoy the peace from the mountains. Whether you just need a few days of peaceful programming or you’re looking to stay for a longer, getting to know the village and its surroundings, Cerdeira offers you discount packages and guarantees productivity and comfort.

There’s no TV, and cell phone reception is bad, but all rooms are equipped with fast Wi-Fi so you’ll be able to focus on your coding. For breaks, you can go on relaxing walks, or even learn how to track wild deer and boars.

7 – Onyria Quinta da Marinha Villas, Cascais


Onyria Villas are located in Sinta-Cascais’ natural park. They are perfect for those looking for some peace and quiet a few minutes away from Cascais. Their modern decoration combined with the surrounding nature and ocean breeze make them one of the best rural workplaces in Portugal.

All rooms are equipped with great internet access, and you can even book meeting rooms with complimentary coffee breaks. In case you need a pause from programming you can enjoy the gardens and terraces around the villas and enjoy picnics, great food, and fresh air. 

If you require longer stays, you can get discount offers for 30% off the total value. Oh, and if you can’t stand the idea of being away from your pet, Onyria is a pet-friendly hotel and offers pet sitting services. 🐶

8 – Vila Valverde Design & Country Hotel, Lagos


Part of a XIX century farm and described as the only five-stars rural hotel in Algarve, the Vila Valverde Design & Country Hotel is a perfect mix of nature, peace, and excellence. There you can experience a great work environment, commune with the nature that surrounds you, and relax with the premium offers the hotel provides.

All of the rooms are equipped with fast Wi-Fi access, so you can focus on your work. But if you need a break, you can enjoy a walk around and see the traditional trees and cultures from Algarve, or you can enjoy the pool, spa treatments, bike rides, and the wine cellar.

For those of you looking for a premium experience, the Vila Valverde Design & Country Hotel is one of the best rural workplaces in Portugal.

9 – 1905 Zino’s Palace, Ponta do Sol, Madeira


Now, taking a trip to the islands, in Madeira you can find 1905 Zino’s Palace, a hotel with a beautiful view of Ponta do Sol and the Atlantic ocean.

This secular pink palace recently partnered with Madeira Digital Nomads to create a program dedicated to people in need of new workplaces, away from their homes and in sync with nature. Remote programmers enjoy fast Wi-Fi, a 10% meal discount, and other discount packages for longer stays.

Not only you can escape to a beautiful Portuguese island, but you also get to experience coworking in nature while staying in a palace.

10 – Bom Despacho Farm, Ponta Delgada, Azores


The Bom Despacho farm was built in the XVIII century and was re-adapted into tourist accommodation, focused on environmental sustainability, in 2015. Now, this place is looking to take the next step and become more welcoming to digital nomads and other people, looking for a place that facilitates coworking in nature.

Starting next November, the Bom Despacho farm is going to provide Wi-Fi access to all rooms and exterior locations. So, you’ll be able to work in the comfort of your room or you can choose to bring your coding outside to the gardens and pool.

Focusing on those who care and worry about the environment, the farm will allow remote workers to cultivate, prepare and eat their own biological food if they want to. They offer you the possibility to take a break from the city, focus on your work, and experience a new way of living.

10 rural workspaces in Portugal: bonus tip

If you’re considering to try out the coworking experience at the Selina CoLive, then it might be in your interest to sign up for one of their special passes for remote workers and digital nomads.

They have the Nomad Passport, a 30-, 60-, or 90-day pass that you can use to “migrate” between the different Selina housing facilities across Portugal (and the world!), and the CoLive pass that allows you to get a 30-day pass for one of the Selina accommodations but at a discounted price.

Both passes include housing and coworking.

Code away from the city: final thoughts

Remote work is increasing all around the world, as it gives people a way to escape from a 9-to-5 job and actually enjoy their lives and their time more. But sometimes people need a break from the city and their own houses.

To refresh your ideas and reboot your mindset why not try one of these rural workplaces in Portugal? They’ll leave you inspired and relaxed, while still getting rid of all distractions, allowing you to focus on your programming. 

And if your job doesn’t allow you to work remotely anymore…Then maybe it’s time for a change.

Count on our team of recruiters (we call them Ambassadors of KWAN!) to help you find a project that fits your personality and ambitions. Get in touch and let’s meet!