International IT Career: United States or Europe?

Discover the opportunities and benefits that the global market has to offer IT professionals and get the position and salary you've been longing for once and for all.

It is understandable that IT professionals look for opportunities in the international market, as the living conditions and salary are more advantageous in both Europe and North America.

The IT field is one of the fastest growing in the world over the last 20 years. In the last 3 years, mainly due to the pandemic, the demand for IT professionals has increased significantly around the world. A World Bank study foresees that by 2024, 420 000 new jobs will be created in the sector worldwide, with the United States and Europe being the regions in most need of skilled labor.

Although they are certain that they want better salaries and living conditions, one question that hangs over the heads of the best IT professionals is exactly which country offers the best working conditions, opportunities, and benefits as a whole.

Challenges to start an International IT career

As much as the world is looking for qualified IT professionals, searching by yourself for the best IT jobs in distant countries is a difficult task, since you need to have some networking in the region.

So finding a job vacancy through companies like KWAN - which help you obtain a visa, fill in all the necessary documentation, and even find an apartment - will make it much easier for you to start your international career.

But on the other hand, which country to choose?  Let’s learn more about the opportunities and benefits that each foreign region has to offer.

IT Career in the United States

As mentioned before, the global IT market is booming, with a high growth rate and an increasing demand for qualified professionals. In the United States, the IT market is highly prioritized and a very attractive destination for professionals looking for a job abroad.

Until 2029 the expected growth in several IT areas in the United States is 8% to 31%, and the salary for these professionals ranges from 90 000 $ to 150 000 $ per year. We are talking about professionals such as web developers, information & security analysts, software developers, data scientists, network architects, IT managers, and many other areas.

The biggest technology companies in the world are in the USA, either because they were born there or because they have created branches in the country. For example, Silicon Valley is the birthplace of great innovations and of some of the biggest technology and Internet companies in the world. The opportunity to work with the big companies in the global IT industry is real when we talk about the USA.

One major difficulty when it comes to looking for an IT position in the United States is the visa. 

One way you could get around the visa issue would be to work remotely for the USA - this would certainly increase your salary and your purchasing power, however, if money is not the only factor and you are looking for peace of mind for you and your family, then the best option for you might be an...

IT Career in Europe

Several countries in Europe are looking for IT professionals to fill the great demand in the region. Countries like Germany, Estonia, Spain, and Portugal offer great salaries and quality-of-life opportunities for qualified professionals who are interested in filling these positions.

Among the many options of countries to work in IT in Europe, Portugal is certainly a very advantageous option, and we will explain why in a moment.

Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world

Portugal is the 6th safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2022. This means that you and your family can walk alone peacefully at night in most places (whether you are male or female), you can use your cell phone in public without fear of being mugged, you can withdraw money from the ATMs that are available in many outdoor places, and overall you won’t have to worry about security as much as in other countries.

Mild weather

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe with the mildest climate: winters are not as cold as in the Nordic and Central European countries, and summers are hot, but not so hot that you need air conditioning at home. As for the sun, it shines about 300 days a year!

Visa support

When you choose to start your international career with KWAN, you can count on our team of lawyers to help you obtain your visa. In addition, we have a special financial aid package to help you monetarily with everything that moving to Portugal involves.

Lastly, find out how much an IT professional earns in Portugal.

Conclusion: International IT Career, where to go?

As seen in this article, both the United States and Europe are advantageous destinations for IT professionals.

Although in the United States the salary is higher and the growth opportunities may be greater, Europe, and especially Portugal, is a destination where the change would be much more subtle, the climate is mild, security is not a concern, and you will have all the support in obtaining a visa and in moving to another country. 

Choosing the best country is a personal decision, but one thing is certain, the IT professional interested in working abroad will benefit greatly from KWAN’s help. KWAN has the most attractive projects for professionals, developed both in Portugal and the rest of Europe.

The international career of your dreams is closer than ever... click on the link to find out what opportunities are available!

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