Looking for an App to Manage Tasks in Your Company? We have 20 Suggestions

Managing tasks of tech teams in remote or hybrid work can be quite a challenge! In this article, we help you on that mission by presenting you 20 task management apps.

In a field where innovation is constant and evolution never stops, it is essential to know how to identify, prioritize, and monitor the tasks of your tech team. A correct evaluation allows you to measure the work through metrics, such as the time invested in performing a certain task or simply the assignment of tasks, assessing the performance and output of the teams, avoiding excessive work overloads and improving productivity

If you find it difficult to manage your team’s tasks since remote working has become “the new normal” (which is good, because tech teams work better remotely!), then this article is for you: we’ll share with you 20 task management apps and one of them (or more!) will certainly help you get more and better results.

20 Apps to Manage the Tasks of Your Tech Team



Any.do ’s inspiration came from the frustration of Omer Perchik, an Israeli who could never manage his daily tasks. It was created in 2010 and quickly gained popularity. The differentiating factor lies in the minimalist design and the ease with which one can learn to use all its features. This task management app is available for mobile devices, web, and wearables and allows integration with other platforms, including calendars and virtual assistants.

Cost: starting at 4.65 € per user.



“Helping customers thrive”: this is the mission of Asana, a task management app that organizes all the work of teams, from operations to marketing. The platform allows the management of projects and processes by organizing the work of teams and all workflows. In addition, it integrates with other apps such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, or Adobe Creative Cloud, and enables the creation of reports, allowing you to identify what is up to date and what is behind schedule. 

Cost: free for teams of up to 15 elements (paid plans with premium features starting at 10.99 € per month per user).



This is a task management app, but it’s also a collaborative document editor and even an email client. Clickup seeks to bring together all the apps that teams need on a single platform, increasing productivity and speeding up processes. 

The app allows you to manage all kinds of tasks and projects, measuring in real time whether the goals are being met. In addition, the app features a chat and allows the creation of collaborative documents and wikis, which can be easily shared with all users. 

Cost: free for teams (paid plans with premium features starting at 4.65 € per month per user).



If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, thenBitrix24 is the best option, since it covers all aspects of your business, from collaboration to a customer contact center. 

The platform has several features such as reports, workflow automation, and some tools that are not available in a normal task management app, such as video and conference calls with up to 48 participants. 

The app is synchronized with all devices, including Android and iOS apps. 

Cost: free (paid plans with premium features starting at 49 € per month per 5 users).

I Done This


I Done This is suitable for anyone looking for a task management app that is so easy that “even grandma can use it”. At least that’s the promise of the company, which says that the platform can be set up in just 10 seconds. 

Interconnected to other services, I Done This has a minimalistic design, but is easily understandable by all the teams you are managing. In addition, it creates daily progress and productivity reports, which can be emailed or made available in the app.

Cost: starting at 9.25 € per month per user.

Kanban Tool


Kanban’s method gains a digital version with Kanban Tool. The task management app is essentially a real-time management tool that aims to improve your team’s performance by organizing tasks in that way: all team members can share tasks, information, and comments on any device at any time, and the Kanban Tool organizes everything in a visual way. Besides, it provides metrics and graphs for analysis.  

Cost: free for teams of up to 3 elements (paid plans with premium features starting at 4.65 € per month per user).



Although it doesn’t offer very advanced team management, Marvin is on this list of task management apps because of the unusual feature set in a platform of this type or at this cost. From unlimited project creation and day planning to habit analysis to improve productivity, the service also includes ways to stay focused, avoiding procrastination, and planning activities on the calendar. The app is synchronized with all devices, including native apps for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and allows the sharing of lists and tasks even with users who do not subscribe to the platform.

Cost: starting at 7.45 € per month.



This is perhaps one of the most famous task management apps on the list, with more than 152 thousand customers worldwide. Monday provides various products for different types of teams, allowing customized processes and flows. Not only does it allow an overall assessment of the projects running with the team, but it also includes the possibility to perform briefings, roadmaps, and automations. This app also has the advantage of being integrated with other platforms, such as Gmail, GitHub, or Slack. 

Cost: Free app (with paid plans for teams of more than 3 elements).

Microsoft To Do


The successor to Wunderlist, Microsoft To Doallows users to manage their tasks from all devices and on all operating systems. 

Without any additional subscription, this appallows you to schedule reminders or add completion dates to the various tasks, allowing teams to create task lists for several team members. To Do also allows integration with Outlook. 

Cost: Frees (Microsoft 365 subscription required).

Remember The Milk


Don’t be fooled by the name: Remember The Milk is a powerful platform that allows a comprehensive task management. In addition to being able to assign them to other users, it includes native integration with other platforms, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Evernote, or Apple smartwatches, and even allows you to add tasks to the list via email, Twitter, or Siri. 

The ability to work offline or to create tasks via automation are other advantages of this task management app.

Cost: Free (it has paid plans).



It’s still a work in progress, but you should consider using this Portuguese alternative. Simplista is a clean, simple and fast task management app that adapts to all workflows. The result of the agency ICÓNICA work from Porto, the platform is still only available in web version. However, it allows the visualization of tasks in list format or as an activity, as well as the sharing of task lists with other members of your team. 

Cost: Free.



Targeted at busy remote teams, Taskade is one of the task management apps that stands out from the crowd. Available for various platforms, including Linux, it features an artificial intelligence assistant for better task organization. In addition, the service also lets you create brainstorms and organize tasks in various types of visualization, as well as manage projects in real time. Another positive aspect is that this system allows video calls between the various team members.

Cost: Free for teams (paid plans with premium features starting at 4.65 € per month per user).



This is the platform that excels at “organizing every aspect of your life”. With TickTick, tasks can be added by voice, e-mail, or even Siri. It has the advantage of classifying tasks by priority, location, and duration, as well as being able to create recurring tasks. Users of this task management app also have wellness features such as “white noises” or the Pomodoro Technique, which can be used to reduce anxiety and increase productivity. All tasks in this app can be shared with a team of up to 28 elements.

Cost: Free (for team sharing, a subscription starting at 2.17 € per month is required).



If you seek to evaluate productivity and goals achieved, Todoist is the right choice. Besides making task management very simple, this task management app allows you to prioritize and add reminders, labels, and filters, or display them on a Kanban-style board. Added to this is the advantage that the app allows you to delegate tasks to others and receive notifications when they are completed, a team inbox, and unlimited project history. 

Cost: Paid plans with premium features starting at 6 € per month per user.



It’s simple, yet powerful and flexible: Trello uses a visual format for greater collaboration in teams, even if they are in remote mode. Like the other task management apps on this list, Trello offers much more than work organization. The platform allows you to create meetings and brainstorms, as well as centralize all CRM requests by connecting to the system you use in your company. On top of all this is the ability to automate almost any action within the platform. 

Cost: free (paid plans starting at 4.60 € per month per user).



Made and hosted in Switzerland, a country known for its web privacy laws, this platform covers all aspects of a team, from meetings to real-time task tracking. WEDO offers a wide range of features, helping to prepare and conduct meetings (it even gives a great help in writing minutes), and allows a simple and efficient management of tasks and projects, managing departments and teams in an unlimited way. This is one of those apps that you’ll want to try out. 

Cost: starting at 19.90 € per user.

When I Work


When I Work takes a different approach: this app allows task management by creating a schedule for each of the elements. This allows greater control of the activities in the time spent for each of the tasks. In addition, it allows you to manage shifts and see the availability of the teams, either at one or multiple locations. 

One of the main components is the app for Android and iOS, which allows each of the team members to control everything they are responsible for. 

Cost: starting at 2.30 € per user.



It claims to offer a “simple way to stay organized”: Workflowy is a platform intended primarily for individuals, while keeping a version for teams. It allows you to synchronize tasks across all devices and all operating systems, including Linux. With a few steps and a quick learning curve, this appallows you to organize tasks using “Bullet journaling” templates or the “Getting Things Done” mode, improving time management and, consequently, productivity. 

Cost: Free (offers paid plans for individuals and teams starting at 4.64 € per month per user).



The marketing team and the IT team can coexist in the same platform: Wrike is more than just a task management app. It’s a management suite that promises to increase the speed of project delivery by 45% and reduce the number of required meetings by 70%. The premise is to put all the company’s departments in one app that allows true management and communication between departments. Wrike allows you to create custom dashboards and department-specific automations, as well as integrations with the software already used in the company and specific automations for certain departments or user groups. 

Cost: free (paid plans with premium features starting at 9 € per month per user).



This is not just a platform: it is a suite of six different apps that brings together everything needed to manage teams and companies. Zenkit allows the separate subscription of each product, thus adapting to the needs of the team. There are provided apps for project, form, and messaging management, and there are offered features ranging from smart lists to resource management.   

Cost: free (paid plans vary depending on the subscribed app).

Looking for an App to Manage Tasks in Your Company? Final Thoughts 

After going through this list, managing your team’s tasks will no longer be a difficult process. Test as much as possible the apps we shared here: you’re sure to find the task management app that best fits the characteristics (or needs) of your company. There is nothing better than finding the right element to make everything work. 

One of the premises of KWAN is precisely to help in this search for the right elements in your challenges. And creating a “dream team” is a big challenge. 

So if we already helped you manage tasks better, we can also help you find the right talent for your team. Learn about the advantages of outsourcing with KWAN and let us help you meet the needs of your technical team.