Star Wars vs Star Trek: What Kind of Developer Are You?

As a developer, which Star Wars or Star Trek character are you most similar to? Find out in this article!

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when you picture ‘Star Wars’? 

Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi may not crave them, but we do. Star Wars is the thzuum of the lightsaber. The scrappy dog-fights in space. The hives of villainy and scum in a galaxy of clear-cut heroes and villains. 

It’s no less exciting aboard the Starship Enterprise, but it is a bit more ordered. A glimpse at a utopian future, where our only goal is to develop. Build. Learn – about the universe and about themselves. Life for the crew of the Enterprise is a never-ending voyage of discovery. 

Star Wars or Star Trek: which are you? 

As a developer, are you more likely to be boldly going where no-one has gone before, or found in a galaxy far, far away? 

If you reckon you’re the spirited underdog, ingeniously cobbling together ideas like you’re building a junkyard Podracer, then you belong to the Star Wars family. 

If you’re more comfortable in a development environment that offers structure, order, using the best tools to explore the realms of what’s possible then you’ll be right at home on the bridge of uber-efficient, best-in-class Enterprise.   

The rookie

You’re fresh to the dev world. Your workplace is a new and exciting place, and you’re mad keen to get stuck into the role. After all, it’s just nice to be doing something. Especially something you love. 

But you’re still a bit inexperienced, maybe even a little nervous. Suddenly, everything’s all become a lot more… real. You realise you’re not stuck on the farm anymore. 

You’re the dev equivalent of Luke Skywalker. 

Like young Skywalker, you’re wildly enthusiastic. When you first heard the word Kubernetes, it was like Luke hearing about the Force for the first time, eager to learn new skills and be part of something bigger

You look for a wise mentor to guide you. Someone who can cultivate your natural talents and keep you off the path to the dark side of development. 

And remember, Luke went on to become the most powerful Jedi ever. It just took a little training, commitment, and self-belief. 

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The analyst

For you, it’s always about the process. Numbers. Data. More input. For one reason only: because it gets results. Your highly organised mind makes calculations at warp speed, with unparalleled levels of knowledge around not just your specialist area, but every area. 

You’re Mr. Spock to the tips of your (perfectly normal, averagely sized) ears – although the truly hardcore analysts can have brains that rival Data’s. 

Whatever work’s thrown your way, you tackle it in your usual calm, controlled manner. No-one could ever suspect, to look at you, that your mind is whirring at 6395 times the speed of light. 

Your advice is sought-after and respected. And although you don’t mind, it can sometimes be a little lonely being the smartest guy in the room. 

But that’s ok – just like Spock, you have heaps of compassion, even if you hide behind your rationality. Besides, you have the skills to make everything make sense for the good of your team.  

The rogue

Rules are for the other guys. Rogues like you have an unorthodox approach to development. Ok, it may ruffle a few feathers, but that’s their problem. 

You’re your own boss. You like it better that way. 

And Han Solo would approve. 

A freelancer at heart, even when on the payroll, you’re happy to cheese the system, searching for those sweet scripting shortcuts, pulling risky maneuvers to get the job done. Anyway, it’s not like you’re all bad – you’re not Vader! – you just occupy your own little grey space of ambiguity. 

If you really must work in a team, you prefer to have someone next to you that you can trust. A fellow dev who understands your methods, even if they express literal howls of disapproval. 

That doesn’t make you any less professional. In fact, you might love money, but your reputation means everything to you. Just don’t get cocky.  

The leader

You’re at the top of your game. You live, breathe, and eat code all day long – but just as important are the people around you. Because, as the boss, you intuitively understand that it’s your job to nurture their respective skills. 

That’s something Jean-Luc Picard would applaud. 

Picard represents the best of us. Smart, cool, loyal to his crew, and absolutely unafraid to make the tough calls. He makes it so. In a way only great leaders can.

Like The Next Gen’s captain, you’re a natural leader, commanding respect at every level and excelling at diplomacy – because some egos can be planet-sized and everyone always knows a better way to do things, right? 

You’re optimistic. Passionate. Excited to explore strange new software. To seek out new scripts and new codes. To boldly work as no team has worked before. 

Go where no dev has gone before

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There’s space in the job market for everyone, whatever your personality, whatever your experience. 

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