Top 10 AI Apps for Recruiters: How to Use Them?

Recruitment is no easy job. Being responsible for getting the right person to the right project is a task that can be tedious and repetitive, from posting a job vacancy to analysing a pile of CVs or dozens of application emails. And it gets even more challenging when we talk about recruitment in tech!

However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help out by speeding up processes, making them more efficient and accurate. Applying AI to a hiring process will allow you to reach a more refined selection of candidates in a shorter period of time, by analysing CVs, virtual interviews and personality tests, while getting a more accurate assessment of the performance, and needs of current employees. Thus, AI can be a powerful ally in the work of a recruiter, increasing results and in a short period of time. 

If you know the potential of AI but you’re not sure how to apply it to your job, we have compiled a list of 10 AI Apps for recruiters that can help you in HR tasks, taking advantage of a technology that will learn with your needs.



One of the more easily accessible examples of AI apps for recruiters is undoubtedly ChatGPT. The chatbot developed by US company OpenAI has thrown open artificial intelligence gates to everyone, making possible the content generation in question-answer format. 

But what can ChatGPT offer a recruiter? Thanks to constant updates, the platform is able, for example, to create job vacancy announcements for LinkedIn, suggest the job interview script for those same vacancies and even write the answers to give to candidates about the selection process. All in the same “conversation”.

Working in the platform is very simple: just write what you want and let the chatbot answer. There is even a free tool that gives you some tips on what you can request from ChatGPT, “GPT For HR“. 

The platform has a fully functional free version, but limited to the “cut-off” in 2021, that is, it’s only aware of the reality until that date, and a paid version (“ChatGPT Plus”), which allows the development of advanced features for internal management, from screening candidates to automatic responses about the company to requests from employees.

Price: free (paid plan, from €18.60 per month). 



AI allows the automation of routine tasks in a company. And in HR, there are tasks that are repeated over time. Posting vacancies requires the publication of advertisements and writing the text can be time-consuming. To save time, Rytr is here. Calling itself “the best assistant writer and generator of content and text by AI”, the platform allows you to create text in different formats, from emails to ads, taking advantage of a library of templates. 

In addition to the “question-answer” format similar to ChatGPT, Rytr allows you to create ads for recruitment platforms from a job description or generate the script of questions for an interview from the candidate’s biography and the context of the interview, and you can choose the tone of the generated text (“humble”, “critical” or “humorous”, for example), the language or even choose the level of creativity. 

Each request to Rytr corresponds to a “document”, which can be downloaded in Word or HTML format to the computer.

Price: free (paid plans, from €8.37 per month (€6.98 per month if you subscribe to the annual plan)).

AI Interview Coach


The interview is one of the key moments in the process of recruiting a new collaborator for an organisation. However, the questions that are asked during an interview are often repetitive or candidates don’t know how to answer them. 

Therefore, AI Interview Coach is useful for both recruiters and candidates. Effectively, this AI app generates questions that may be relevant to a specific vacancy, just by typing in the name of the job role. A few seconds later, several questions appear grouped into themes, such as soft skills, work and technical experience, or even questions related to interpersonal relationships. 

For recruiters, this allows to quickly generate a list of questions that can be included in an interview script for a job vacancy. For applicants, this list has a practical component, since the platform allows training on the best answer to give to each question, as well as providing an example of the ideal answer.

Price: free.



Conducting a recruitment process is time-consuming. However, with a little help, everything becomes easier. One of the AI apps for recruiters that proves to be extremely useful in this need is Carrers. Still in beta format, this platform allows you to define all aspects of a vacancy. The platform allows the management of several “job profiles”, in which the recruiter identifies what position the company is hiring for, as well as the salary range, location, experience required, and academic qualifications. With this data, Carrers is able to generate an advertisement to share on a recruitment platform, in addition to a variable number of questions with various levels of difficulty to ask potential candidates, as well as selection activities. However, the application has several limitations, being limited to a “token limit”, that is, a credit limit, which must be acquired to continue generating profiles.

Price: free (paid plans not available yet).

JayDee AI


If you want to automate the process of writing an advert for a job vacancy, this is the right AI app for recruiters for the task. JayDee is still in its early days, but it already features a simple interface, allowing you to create the text of the ad from the notes taken in a meeting, a PDF or by filling out a form that only asks some information about the vacancy. 

A few minutes later and even with little data, the platform is able to generate a job advertisement, with a description of the company, what are the objectives and responsibilities of the position, the conditions offered, and even instructions for submitting the application. The generated content can then be copied to the recruitment platforms, since the platform does not allow editing the generated text.

At this moment, the platform is also developing integration with other platforms to allow the immediate publication of the ads created.

Price: free trial (paid plan, from €29.23 per month).



“Find and hire employees faster”. This is the motto of the AI app for recruiters Breezy, a complete platform for businesses that, according to its statistics, has already registered more than 400,000 jobs in over 83 countries. 

Unlike other tools on this list, Breezy lives up to its name, presenting itself as a complete ATS (Applicant Tracking Systemic) tool that accompanies the recruiter from posting the advertisement to hiring through a simple interface, allowing the publication of the vacancy automatically on more than 50 free recruitment platforms and the structuring of interviews according to the CVs of each candidate and other factors that can be defined by the company. It also allows compliance with inclusion and equality laws (existing in some countries), the automatic ranking of candidates through scores and integration with other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Breezy also allows an automatic check of aspects related to the candidate’s life such as criminal record (only available in some countries).

Price: free (paid plans, from €175.79 per month (€146.03 per month if you subscribe to the annual plan)).



Able to meet HR needs across multiple industries, Loxo is one of the most comprehensive AI apps for recruiters on this list. The platform goes further than managing job postings: Loxo includes a search system that aggregates information on 1.2 billion talents from various sources, including social profiles, portfolios, and institutional websites, classified by activity areas and background. Then, the profile of each candidate is subjected to an analysis by artificial intelligence embedded in the platform, and a ranking of candidates that may fit the profile you are looking for is then displayed. 

The app also allows task automation, finding the contact information of each candidate and sending messages through messengers on social networks, by SMS or email, all automatically. 

The platform promises to reduce the time to hire a candidate by up to 83% and find “high quality” talent.

Price: free (paid plans, from €33.91 per month per user (€278.10 per month if you subscribe to the annual plan)).



If good conversations start with a “hello”, why can’t a business relationship start too? That’s the motto of the AI app for recruiters Paradox, a conversational recruitment platform. 

Chosen by multinationals such as Unilever, 3M or McDonalds, Paradox presents itself as an ATS in which the goal is to get the right employee for the vacancy through a conversation using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even SMS, and the interview can be resumed at any time if any problem arises. The platform also allows soft skills assessments to be carried out virtually and the automatic scheduling of a face-to-face interview or, alternatively, video or audio recorded interviews, directly through the chat. 

If you get the right candidate, it’s possible to send an offer letter directly to the candidate via a computer or phone. 

The app offers direct integration with other ATS, various recruitment platforms, and verification of the candidate’s background.

Price: upon request.

Leena AI


Although it does not directly enable you to hire candidates (as that is not its purpose), Leena AI is an extremely useful AI app for recruiters. This platform, launched in 2018, centralises the entire HR component of an organisation, from an employee’s first day to the moment they end their tie with the company, allowing, in this way, to analyse behaviours in a simple way. 

For the employees, the interaction with the platform is made through a conversational assistant in which they can request information, request permission for leave, communicate sick leave or even initiate a process of joining or leaving the company. Through the creation of workflows, Leena AI also compiles several indicators and metrics, settled requests, and employee satisfaction. Virtually all requests to the platform, regardless of type, are thus resolved in real time using AI. Leena AI also monitors new team members, analysing their initial integration process.

The platform is integrated with other collaboration tools, such as Slack or Facebook Workplace and has applications for smartphones and computers.

Price: upon request.



“Need help finding the best talent?”. If so, Fetcher is the app that claims to be the “most complete” in attracting the most qualified employees. Powered by AI, Fetcher obtains candidate preferences and then immediately identifies top talent destined for the role the organisation is looking for, using a ranking that combines artificial intelligence and human analysis. The platform always ensures candidates are chosen for their competence, while also maintaining criteria for inclusivity and representativeness. 

Fetcher also allows the creation of automatic workflows for sending personalised emails to candidates and scheduling interviews automatically, as well as integration with collaboration services, such as Slack or external recruitment platforms.

Price: upon request.

Top 10 AI Apps for Recruiters: How to use them? – Final Thoughts

We believe these 10 AI apps will help you handle recruitment processes faster, and so, giving you the time needed to devote to other HR needs in your organisation. However, there’s so much an app can do – so far – and to handle the parts of recruitment a machine can’t do for you just yet, having an outsourcing partner that knows the market very well and preselect a list of candidates according to your team’s needs may be the answer.

We’re available to be that partner, get in touch and let’s work on those team augmentation needs.