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Our 2023 Recruitment Stats


+50K Interviewed Candidate Pool

We’re always meeting, assessing, and curating our candidates on our database.


+100 Weekly

Our Talent Acquisition Team constantly scouts the market, interviewing a weekly average of 100 candidates.


+210 Got
an Offer

Our carefully curated CV shortlist perfectly matches your briefing.


+150 Candidates

Our hiring process delivers the volume you need to level up your tech team.


About KWAN

We’re a 15 year old company specialized in the outsourcing, nearshoring, and mentoring of tech talent.

We focus on matching the best talent to the right project, then we offer a personalized coaching program, provided by in-house specialists, our People Managers, to ensure IT professionals (we call them KWANers!) are motivated, focus on their work, and developing their skills, therefore reducing high turnover and increasing retention of the tech teams of our clients.

Our clients have been where you are,
today they are busy managing their dream team

Why Portugal?

From Portugal, without borders.

A geographically-restricted tech team is always talent-limited too.
IT Outsourcing and Nearshoring can be the recruitment strategy to get your project out of its rut and stay competitive in the global market.
Portugal is perfect for many reasons, it is an exquisite location and we have talented professionals at a rate you can pay.


Dream Tech Team

Highly-skilled talent, trained at MIT-linked Universities and with an excellent English proficiency.


UK Timezone

Sharing a timezone with the UK gives our talent a balanced worldwide availability.


Boomig Startup Ecosystem

Highly engaging tech scene multiplies career opportunities.


Quality of Life

Sunny coastline tech hubs make for great quality of life at a competitive cost of living.

Recruitment in 2 Weeks


Requirements Evaluation

Together, we assess the needs of your tech team.

fala connosco

Tailored Talent Selection

We share with you our carefully curated talent shortlist based on your needs.

mentoria de carreira

Selection of the Best Fit

You interview from our talent shortlist.

match perfeito

Perfect Match

You decide which candidate matches your team best and agree on an entry date.

subindo de nivel

Ongoing Support from our Team

From this point on, you count on KWAN to keep your new team member motivated and focused!

iso/ iec27001 certification logo

Your Privacy Matters

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for information security in contracts and skills management for outsourcing of consultants.

This certification is a process of continuous improvement, to which we will continue to give our full attention in order to guarantee the protection of your data.

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