The Bright Future is Calling and They Need Your Tech Talent

At KWAN, we match your talent to the right projects so you can build the future version of Humankind. Our role is to match the best Tech Talent with meaningful projects. Let us guide you through that road.

Are you looking for a new challenging opportunity?


The Right Project Matters

To deliver your best work and make the World move forward you need to be on the right project Not just a random project. A project that matches your skills, your work experience, and your expectations.

Our journey together starts with getting to know you.

Your Work Matters

Every bug you fix. Every line you code.

Every little task you work on with effort and dedication contributes directly to the Bright Future.

As long as you’re in the project that suits you.

Work with the Hottest Stacks in the Most Exciting Projects

Our Secret? Great Culture and our very own People Managers

They are what distinguishes KWAN from other companies.

They help, care for, and listen to our KWANers’ problems – whether they are personal or professional.

They define professional goals together with each of them and are there, step by step, to help KWANers achieve them, suggesting training, giving motivation, and sometimes being more than a colleague… being a friend!

4 Easy Steps to Join our Tech Community



We get to know you and your ambitions

It starts with you filling in our contact form. So we can get in touch and learn all about you.



We match them with the right opportunity

We present you potential matching projects – you decide which are worthy of meeting you.



You find a perfect match and get an offer

Congratulations! The match is done! Time to jump in and start building the future.



You meet your own People Manager

It’s time to meet the one who’s going to support you so you can focus on building the Bright Future.

Words from KWANers themselves

Ready to take the next step?

Make sure your mission has the right crew, so your project lands on the Bright Future.