7 questions to make you wish to work in IT consulting

BUT.. not just ANY IT Consultancy.

You’re a developer looking for a new professional challenge. You start searching for a new job and you end up on KWAN’s website - an IT consultant firm which claims to actually care about the developers - and not just matching them with the most profitable client without considering their interests, ambitions and personal preferences.

That sounds good, right? 😃

But… consultancy firms have a bad reputation. How can you be sure this is the right move for your career? How do you know you’ll be happy working for an IT consultancy firm?

If only you knew anyone currently working for one that could give you feedback

After reading this article you will!

We spoke with 5 KWANers to write it - and they couldn't be more different! From their job positions, to their professional background and experience - so their answers will give you a broad perspective.

And yes, we call our developers KWANers, because consultants are consultants and KWANers are KWANers. Different concepts. 🤔

Keep reading and you'll understand why…

Meet the KWANers

  • Tiago Bastos has been an iOS Developer for almost 3 years - 2 of them working with us at KWAN.
  • Diego Jacomel has 9 years of experience as a frontend developer and joined us very recently: only 3 months ago.
  • Vasco Serra has only had one job: Devops with us, at KWAN, for a year now!
  • Ana Mourato is the most experienced of the group: 16 years as a QA, one and a half at KWAN.
  • Finally, Diogo Henrique Ribeiro has been a mobile developer for 7 years, one of which as a KWANer.

Now let’s get into their answers and understand why they chose to work in IT consulting.

1 - What’s your favourite part of working in IT consulting?

The possibility of getting to know several projects and technologies in a short period of time” - Ana

The people I work with - they are amazing people - always trading information and knowledge, making the work so much easier”. - Diego

Getting lots of support and feedback” - Diogo

Being able to work in several areas, from a technical level, as well as the business itself. In my case, I work as an iOS Developer, but I could easily switch to Frontend, Backend, QA, etc., and it would be a relatively easy process. The same about the business area since consultancy firms usually work with a wide range of clients, and I could easily change to a client in another industry.” - Tiago

2 - What are the challenges of working in IT consulting?

As I am not always doing the same thing, I have to be prepared for a greater variety of problems that need to be solved.” - Vasco

The need to report to two companies: the client and the consultancy firm” - Diogo

Starting on a new project and understanding how I can share my knowledge with people who are already there.” - Ana

To reach code excellence, considering that new technologies are launched every day, and so I need to be constantly studying and acquiring new skills.” - Diego

3 - How is your day to day in IT consulting?

I really like my routine as an IT consultant, my co-workers and I define tasks according to the client's needs. We divide the task among the team and develop it, when necessary we help each other through screen sharing calls. I particularly like to develop listening to music. We have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meetings with the client, showing them what's being developed and receiving their feedback." - Diego

My day to day is very much based on what needs to be resolved, talking with my team, and taking on the most important tasks. There are days when I work more individually on a task, and days in which there are lots of interaction and teamwork. Every day we have a team meeting to take a break from our tasks and talk about what needs to be done." - Vasco

4 - What skills does it take to work in IT consulting?

Interest about the area, willingness to learn, and being a good teammate.” - Vasco

Good communication skills since you need to report to more than one person (and company).” - Diogo

I think it is very important to be an observer, to be resilient, to enjoy learning and sharing ideas. Being curious and not being afraid to ask questions is also very important. My experience tells me that, in general, clients like to have in their teams people who ask constructive questions and know how to make suggestions.” - Ana

To be dedicated, to enjoy learning new things, and to be open-minded to different opinions.” - Diego

5 - Have you worked on more than one project while working with KWAN?

Yes, I started with KWAN on an Outsystems’ project. It was a great starting point for new learnings! Then I went on another project, for an international client, where I met very professional and friendly people and from whom I learned a lot. It was a huge challenge but which I overcame and enjoyed a lot!” - Ana

I have always been with the same client while working for KWAN, a Software House, which actually works for other clients in nearshore. Within this company, I have already been working with 2 clients, one in the e-commerce sector and the other in the banking sector. It is a double advantage because I can try out different areas in different KWAN projects, as well as within this client.” - Tiago

6 - Do you think there are differences among IT consultancy firms? Have you worked in more than one?

There are some differences like the methodologies, time flexibility, benefits, and mainly the care and concern about the employees.” - Diego

Yes, there are differences, of course. Moving to KWAN was very refreshing. You don't feel like a number, you feel like you're really part of a company and a team.
I worked with 2 consultancy firms before accepting this challenge at KWAN. I feel very comfortable with the people in this company. My experience so far has been challenging, and at the same time, very rewarding.” - Ana

KWAN is the first and only consultancy firm where I worked. However, from what I hear from my colleagues who are also consultants on other companies, I am sure that KWAN is the Top of the Tops in this area. The support given by the team of Ambassadors and from other areas of the company is super-efficient. We are undoubtedly a differentiated company with a very young and relaxed mentality, but at the same time with a high sense of work and responsibility.” - Tiago

7 - What advice would you give to someone who just applied to work at KWAN?

Be honest about your real capabilities, the ambassadors of KWAN are going to analyze you and your CV, trying to match you with a good client, considering what is best for you, and so bringing benefits for both sides, for you and them.” - Diego

Do your best at work and be kind.” - Diogo

Be prepared for new challenges and make the most of it: learn everything you can from the different projects.” - Vasco

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with your Ambassador. The ambassadors are incredible people and also very honest. The whole process I went through was very clear and transparent. Moreover, the range of clients we work with at KWAN is very attractive.” - Tiago

Are you into IT consulting now?

You had an idea of what working in IT consulting was like, and now you just became even more confused.

There are many consultancy firms. And then there's KWAN.

There are consultants. And then there are KWANers.

Can you spot the difference?

This last testimonial from our alumni Pedro Domingues, promises to end any doubts you might still have:

KWAN has been part of my life for approximately 5 years. Those 5 years have allowed me to become the person I am today! Moreover, it allowed me to be aware of what I want professionally. For me, KWAN serves as a benchmark of what a company should be in terms of culture, relationship, transparency, and honesty. What I am today, I owe it largely to KWAN, and to the opportunities that this company has opened up for me. KWAN provides all the tools necessary to evolve professionally and personally.
KWAN is a way of life!" - Pedro Domingues

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