Do you have the right IT recruitment partner?

Whether you already have an IT recruitment partner or you’re looking for a new one, if you want to build your tech team and hire exactly the kind of talent your project needs you better have the right partner by your side. Here are 10 steps to make the most of your IT Staff Outsourcing relationship.

In any relationship it’s easy to put all the responsibilities on your partner, in IT Staff Outsourcing it isn’t any different. If you want to make the most of your IT Staff Outsourcing relationship, hire the best tech talent for your project and level up your team, keep reading:

Just to ensure we’re on the same page; check our Professional IT Services Glossary and brush up on your IT vocabulary. We’re talking about IT Staff Outsourcing specifically, which is KWAN’s core business area.

Now let’s dive into the 10 steps to make the most of your IT Staff Outsourcing relationship so that you can level up your tech team ASAP.

1. SWOT your project

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats aren’t history. Be aware and learn about your limitations, drivers and priorities. What’s great about your project? What limitations do you have? What sort of technology are you using that’s interesting for new talent? Where will your project be in 6 months time? And in 2 years from now? Be humble, we get that this project is your baby, but being realistic will get you further ahead.

2. Set expectations

Loud and clear: set your expectations. That’s the first way to avoid disappointments. Before you formalize anything, clean up your side of the game. Being aware of your SWOT helps set exactly what you need and expect from your IT Staff Outsourcing provider. Guess you really can’t skip step 1! So keep in mind your goals, make sure you are clear on exactly what tech talent profiles you need, ask for confirmation, and expect a learning curve on the provider’s side so that later you can take full advantage of your partner’s unique set of skills, knowledge, and expertise and complement your own competencies to level up and retain your team. Make sure you know exactly the kind of tech profiles you need to hire and choose a partner who can deliver them.

3. Balance decisions

Since you’ve assessed your competencies, you’ll know whether you’re capable of selecting, building and coaching your tech team to deliver your project or if it’s better to take the opportunity and learn from your partner’s advice on who to hire and how, regarding tech roles, tech stacks, experience and profiles. The right IT Staff Outsourcing partner will be able to give you valuable advice based on their know-how.

4. Allow for change

Bringing an IT Staff Outsourcing partner into your business can create change. Their insights and suggestions may affect your decisions, enrich your company culture, and even influence your workflow. When you choose a good partner, these changes can be positive and constructive; but keep an eye out for disruption and lack of flexibility or evolution. If your expectations were well set these can be a good barometer of positive change.

5. Be timezone savvy

Both with your IT Staff Outsourcing partner and with the candidates they present you. Time zone differences can be used to your advantage, some projects will benefit from round-the-clock teamwork depending on location, language obstacles and communication tools and processes. Aim for a slight time-zone overlap, let’s say about 3 to 4 hours, for delegations and work transfer, as well as productive communication.

6. Think before you sign (any) contract

Think “partnership” for long-lasting results instead of a short-term profit deal. Consult different providers because when you find your IT Staff Outsourcing provider you’ll want an inside-partner, someone who knows the ins and the outs of your business and who can help you navigate through market changes and unpredictable corporate challenges. A mutually beneficial contract will be complete and explicit, support your expectations, and envision future business. Don’t get scooped on a deal either, transparency is an attainable goal.

7. Communication is key

Treat your IT Staff Outsourcing provider like a strategic partner. No need to micromanage. After all, you already have a delivery agreement based on your expectations. Focus on communicating clearly and frequently and enjoy the expert benefits they bring to your business.

8. Learn from your partner

Remember your IT Staff Outsourcing partner is an expert in this area. Don’t treat them as an isolated department, rather like an extension of your own team from whose expertise you can learn invaluable insights and processes. Otherwise, you’d be doing all the scouting and hiring yourself, right?

9. The lowest bid trap

We’ve said this before, we’ll quote it again, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. Don’t just hire the provider with the lowest price. If you want an expert, and a strategic inside-partner, you’ll be paying for their experience, know-how, modus operandi, dedication and time. Remember the dreadful cost of delay associated with repetitive ramp-ups and high turnover. Bad recruitment may be cheap, but has a price.

10. Don’t flip-switch providers

Remember the learning curve? The deadly ramp-ups and cost of delay? Don’t amplify those by flip-switching any of your IT Staff Outsourcing providers, whether you work with just one or multiple. This doesn’t mean you’re tied down once you’ve established a partnership, rather that you could be making a hasty decision when you change providers without consulting them and addressing your issues’ root causes. Which brings us back to points 2 and 7: set clear expectations and communicate frequently to avoid all the above-mentioned nightmares. Make room for change and set some time for your partner to bring up the game and allow you to focus on your core business areas.

If you need help scouting and hiring your tech team in order to focus on your core business area, let’s talk and find the tech talent your project deserves.