Hiring Brazilian IT Professionals: What Are the Benefits for Your Tech Team?

How can a diversified tech team help you obtain better results?

In recent years, with the increased need for companies to hire IT professionals, several developing countries have encouraged their population to train qualified programmers, and a great example of the result of this incentive is Brazil.

Although China and India have been at the forefront of countries exporting IT skilled workers for several years, nowadays Brazil is probably the most recommended country for companies that need to hire foreign programmers in Europe.

In Brazil, we can find skilled and creative programmers who know how to work in a team and, most importantly, who are looking for better job opportunities. As the Brazilian Real is a devalued currency, the best IT professionals in the country have a great interest in working in foreign countries, where the remuneration and the quality of life are more favorable.

Brazil: The Solution to the Shortage of IT Professionals in Europe

The shortage of IT professionals and, particularly, qualified programmers, is a problem in several European countries and it greatly impacts the performance of their companies.

This problem has been around for several years, but the pandemic and the need for companies to adapt to an increasingly digital world has intensified the need to find more of these professionals.

This is where Brazil emerges as a potential solution to the great demand that exists in Europe.

Despite being a hub for specialized professionals who are recognized worldwide for their quality, the Brazilian market is not so attractive, since the country’s currency is devalued and its residents suffer from rising inflation.

Therefore, many Brazilian programmers dream of working for companies in Europe, where they can receive a salary quoted in Euros and, above all, enjoy a more secure and stable life. 

Diversity turns into results

Hiring Brazilian programmers may be just what your team needs to become more diversified. Having a multicultural team with elements that bring different insights and experiences makes the working environment more creative, out-of-the-box ideas emerge, and work becomes more productive.

Brazilian professionals are recognized worldwide for their creativity and extreme versatility in dealing with adverse situations. It is common to say that in Brazil people learn to fend for themselves from an early age, since the country presents many difficulties for the most underprivileged families.

Creativity and easiness to deal with difficult situations make the Brazilian professional a very interesting element in any tech team, which, if well used, can improve the team as a whole, bringing benefits and results that can certainly be converted into an increase in productivity, a more fulfilling work environment, and, thus, an increase in profits.

Why Brazilian IT Professionals Make Excellent Hires

1 – The market for technology specialists in Brazil grows year after year

Brazil is the largest hub in Latin America when it comes to training and introducing professionals to the IT area. The large Brazilian centers, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are home to large and prestigious universities, where their technology and programming courses have reached increasingly higher positions in the world ranking of the best universities in the sector.

The Brazilian government has been investing for years in training IT professionals, so it is actually not only in the large centers that we can find qualified and experienced professionals. Brazil, as a whole, has trained a large number of professionals in this field and it is estimated that there are more than 500 000 IT professionals working in the country.

2 – Young and highly skilled programmers

According to a survey carried out by StackOverflow, where several questions about information technology and computer science were asked, it was found that many Brazilian programmers started writing their first lines of code at about 15-16 years of age.

Focused from an early age on learning programming, many talented young Brazilian programmers will have an average of 10 to 15 years of experience in the field if they are hired from the ages of 25 to 30. 

When analyzing data from Coursera, which evaluates the global skill index in technology and programming, Brazilian programmers are at the top of the ranking, compared to professionals from other Latin American countries.

The quality of these professionals associated with an immersion in the programming world since youth creates a very positive perspective for countries that want to hire new talents, since Brazil offers the opportunity to find young, qualified, and experienced programmers.

3 – Experienced professionals used to a lower wage

One of the big reasons that makes Brazilians a great hiring option for companies in Europe is the fact that these professionals are used to a lower wage base than those practiced in European countries.

The Brazilian currency is devalued, and Brazil is a country that presents several difficulties, such as a high crime rate and a consequent feeling of insecurity in the population.

The fact that a Brazilian programmer can work in a safer country, with better life quality and, especially, which pays a good wage in Euros, is a great incentive. 

It is known that professionals who are satisfied with their current position and situation are more productive and bring more results to organizations. This is exactly the case for Brazilian professionals who move to Europe to work and live a safer and better life.

How Can Your Company Find the Best IT Professionals from Brazil?

Now that you have understood the advantages of hiring Brazilian IT professionals for your tech team, what is the most effective way to find these professionals?

Finding developers in Brazil will depend on a few factors, the main one being a good networking in the country. It takes time and money to hire, interview, and search for these professionals.

Therefore, the most favorable way to find talented Brazilian programmers is through companies that focus in this type of service, such as KWAN.

We’re a Portuguese company that specialized in hiring and outsourcing Portuguese and Brazilian tech professionals for European tech teams.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the IT market, we’re able to assist our clients finding the best IT professionals according to the specific needs of their tech teams.

Moreover, by working with us, we will assist your new employees throughout the whole bureaucratic part of moving to a new continent: we will help them take care of their visa, get their social security number and fiscal number, open a bank account, and even find a new home!

In this way, you can focus on developing your business, rather than spending your energy hiring IT professionals.

Hiring Brazilian Programmers in Portugal: Final Remarks

Adding a foreign professional to your tech team will make your team more dynamic and diverse, which will bring innovative ideas, new ways of facing problems and finding solutions, and all this will help your project stand out in a positive way!

Brazil has a large amount of talented and experienced programmers, exactly what European companies so desperately need.

By using the services of a recruitment company like KWAN, finding these professionals is much easier and cheaper. By outsourcing these hires, your company can focus on what really matters: the development of your business!

Get in touch and let’s find out together what are the needs of your technical team.