Luxury Coworking Spaces in Portugal: 11 Spots to Try at Least Once in Your Life

Looking for a coworking space that can provide a more "premium" experience? Here, we present you 11 luxury coworking spaces that you must try for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Portugal is a great destination for people who work remotely. The entire country offers amazing coworking spaces in the main cities, from Oporto to Algarve to the islands, and in rural settings, for those who wish to escape and find more peaceful surroundings.

It's easy to find affordable places with great quality/cost ratios that can fulfill all your needs. However, sometimes it's nice to try something new, right? Perhaps you can’t take days off during the upcoming months but you definitely deserve a treat…?

So why not look for a luxurious remote work experience?

In this article, we’ll be presenting 11 luxury coworking spaces in Portugal that you must try at least once in your life. These have unique features and offer several benefits that you won’t be able to find in any regular coworking space.

Luxury coworking spaces in Portugal: 11 spots to try at least once in your life

Luxury coworking spaces in Lisbon

10cowork, Lisbon

This coworking space was primarily designed with workers like you in mind: programmers, developers, engineers, and other tech workers.

It offers all the common perks any other coworking space does, but there are a few features that set it apart...

It has a dedicated lab where workers can experiment and play with their favorite “toys”, from Raspberry Pis to drones!

There’s also a mentorship and networking program in place where over 20 mentors with expertise in several areas are at your service to help you in any way they can. Security is tight in this coworking space. There are cutting-edge security systems and all entry and exit points are permanently monitored. 

LACS – Lisbon Arts Communication & Studios, Lisbon

Located near the MAAT, the Ancient Art Museum, and the Tejo River, LACS is a symbol of culture and a place of inspiration for remote workers. It has 4 floors with dedicated workspaces and showrooms where people can display their art and projects.

The rooftop has a bar, a restaurant, and a premium spot where workers can get a delicious Santini ice cream whenever they require a refreshing break. And if anyone is worried about their figure, LACS also offers a place where people can work out, do yoga, and then hit the showers.

Early birds, night owls, and workaholics are all welcome. LACS is open 24/7 all year round, for all members. Even university students are able to join this coworking space and find a place where they can focus and study.

WOOD, Lisbon

WOOD is another premium coworking space in Lisbon that offers professional service and a feel-good environment. It is a 7-story renovated building with several shared spaces, formal meeting rooms, informal meeting “boxes”, private offices, and conference rooms.

What makes this place special is the focus that they put on the well-being of their collaborators. They all have access to a yoga studio, a beauty room, mediation areas, and a cozy lounge. There's also a library, a kitchen on each floor, and outside areas where you can take breaks or work.

Avila Spaces, Lisbon

Avila Spaces was considered the best coworking space in South Europe, in 2019, by the South Europe Startup Awards. It offers premium service and a more corporate environment, while still investing in comfort and quality.

There, you can meet with clients and partners in a sophisticated environment, enjoy the tranquility of the business lounge area, and stay in shape by taking advantage of the partnership between this coworking space and a Fitness Park, a close-by boutique gym.

Avila Spaces also has a unique feature called Avila Connect. This is an exclusive app that works as an inside LinkedIn for members. It allows you to reach out to anyone who works in this space and improve your networking opportunities.

Lobo Cowork, Lisbon

Lobo Cowork offers two locations in Estoril: Lobo 1 and Lobo 2.

Lobo 1 has a very cozy atmosphere and is perfect for people who want to take relaxing breaks from remote work and just take a quick 5-minute walk to the beach. It also has a sunny terrace where you can sit and talk to other workers or just take a quick nap in a hammock.

Lobo 2 has a cooler ambiance and aesthetic but is also a great place to work remotely, network, and lounge. It's also close to the beach and the train station and offers free parking right at the front door. Both places are open for 24 hours, every day of the year.

Heden, Lisbon

Heden coworking spaces are available in 4 locations, in Lisbon: Rossio, Santa Apolónia, Chiado, and Graça. All of them are focused on sustainability, innovation, and art. There, you can find great member perks like meditation and yoga spaces, massages, community lunches, workshops, premium events, and more.

Something completely unique about this coworking space is that they offer a 17,5% discount for all new female members as a way to make a stand against the gender pay gap, that is still prevalent all around the world.

IDEA Spaces – Saldanha, Lisbon

Probably the most luxurious coworking space you can find in Portugal, IDEA Spaces – Saldanha is a one-of-a-kind place that you must visit, at least once. This entrepreneurial oasis has 10 floors of dedicated workspaces, but that’s hardly what makes it so special.

There, members can also enjoy private parking, a huge terrace, a movie theater, a lounge bar that offers happy hours every Thursday, and a swimming pool. It is also located in the heart of the city, making it easy to travel anywhere you want to. This means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking a break from work.

Luxury coworking spaces in Oporto and its surroundings

Land, Oporto

Land coworking offices offer a professional yet laid-back work environment. The modern interior is well-lit and decorated with gorgeous plants. It’s the perfect place to gather inspiration and code in peace. Apart from the amazing environment, Land also offers some great amenities.

Members will find dedicated printing spaces, private rooms for video conferences, a fully equipped kitchen, a projector room, and a meeting lounge. If you need a break from programming you can head on over to the available ping pong table and have a match or two with a fellow member. This coworking space is also close to Aliados so you can also go for a walk around downtown Oporto.

Security is another great feature provided by Land. They’re open 24/7 and want to make sure that you and your belongings are safe with video surveillance, alarm systems, and password-covered entry.

Java Cowork, Matosinhos

This coworking space has a modern and artistic feel to it. It was designed to allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to take advantage of shared resources and networking opportunities.

Besides the common coworking space perks, in Java Cowork you’ll find biometric security systems, flexible schedules, access to a cafeteria, and a lounge.

The biggest perk of this coworking space has to be its fully equipped gym that can be used at any time. There you’ll find all of the equipment you need, clean locker rooms and showers, and personal trainers at your service.

Luxury coworking spaces in the Douro Valley

Six Senses, Lamego

This luxury hotel is one of the best places to visit for a unique experience. There you’ll be able to work remotely while still being able to fully relax and enjoy an amazing view of the vineyards and the Douro River.

Each room has the necessary amenities for remote work, like unlimited wi-fi, room service for whenever you need an energy booster, a dedicated desk, and more. However, you are also able to work in any space around the property and appreciate, for example, the outside pool and the amazing view.

If you’re in need of a relaxing break, there are all kinds of wellness, spa, and fitness programs that you can try out. There’s an indoor pool, underwater sound therapy, massage jets, a vitality pool, cryotherapy, and even forest bathing treatments available.

Luxury coworking spaces in the Algarve

Giramar Cowork, Lagos

Giramar Apartments are located in Algarve and are the ideal summer vacation destination for those who love to be by the ocean. They are also a great choice for remote workers who enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches, and delicious food.

They offer a dedicated coworking space that’s open throughout the entire year and can be used at all times. There, you can work peacefully facing an amazing view of the gardens and then take the occasional break to enjoy the pool with a bar or go for a soothing massage.

Luxury coworking spaces in Portugal: 11 spots to try at least once in your life – Final Remarks

The opportunities are endless when it comes to remote work, in Portugal. From top to bottom, you’re able to find great coworking spaces that will fit your needs, help you grow professionally, and provide great networking opportunities.

If you’re looking for a different coworking experience, there are a few luxurious places that can offer you unique perks as a member. From fully equipped gyms to movie theaters, swimming pools, and spa treatments, these places are prepared to give you experiences that you’ll never forget.

And if your job doesn't allow you to work remotely anymore...Then maybe it's time for a change.

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