The Impact of the People Manager in the Employee Journey of an IT Professional

What strategies can be used to motivate IT employees? How to compete with well-paid IT positions offered remotely from abroad? Learn about KWAN’s coaching strategy in this article.

At KWAN, we have always tried to stand out from the competition by valuing our human resources: we see our professionals as people who have dreams and ambitions, not just as someone with the potential to fulfill a vacancy.

Experience tells us that it makes all the difference to match the right project to the right person, and respect what they are looking for. In this way, the professional get better long-term results.

To further enhance the value of our human resources, not only at the time of recruitment, but throughout the entire employee journey, in 2021 we created a department called People Management consisting of People Managers.

People Managers: KWAN’s coaching strategy 

A People Manager is a professional dedicated to guide KWAN’s professionals throughout their journey in the company, ensuring their well-being, personal and professional development, with the aim of providing the best experience in their projects, and in KWAN.

They are a guide, a career coach, a manager of emotions, and often a confidant, who are present in all professional, and personal moments, giving their best and offering all the necessary support for the good and bad times.

A People Manager is also responsible for spotting possible opportunities to add value to the employee journey of KWAN professionals – our KWANers – developing a training plan fully customized and adapted to the motivations and expectations of the professional and the project in which they are present.

The relationship and trust developed between a People Manager and a KWANer fulfill one of this strategy’s major goals: reduce the number of resignations and extend the employee journey.

How do KWANers evaluate the work developed by People Managers?

At the beginning of 2022, the People Management area prepared a satisfaction survey for all its employees to assess their satisfaction on issues such as: KWAN’s culture, working conditions, their role and tech stack in the project, the project itself, relationship with the manager and the team, their People Manager, quality of moments with the People Manager, and career progression.

The results obtained leave no room for doubt: 98% satisfaction.

For KWAN, what results have been obtained so far?

The follow-up and dedication of the People Managers regarding KWANers are already reflected in KWAN’s results: comparing the number of resignations at the time of the implementation of this strategy, in the 2nd quarter of 2021, with the 2nd quarter of this year, we managed to reduce the number of resignations by 30%.

These results allow us to conclude that a strategy of valuing people is the right way to go. And yes, salary makes a difference… but the satisfaction of an employee depends on much more than that!

How to apply this strategy in your company?

By choosing KWAN as your outsourcing partner, you are ensuring that your employees receive customized support according to their professional objectives and at the times when they most need it – whether for professional or personal reasons.

In this way, the employees can focus 100% on their work, knowing that they can count on their People Manager for any problem they may have.

Get in touch and let’s assess the needs of your tech team together!