10 Things to Do After a Job Interview

Many developers spend the time after a job interview wondering if they are supposed to get in touch (and how) or just hoping that there were able to show themselves as eager and capable. However, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of getting recruited.

“Ok, so thank you for coming. I guess we’re finished unless you have any question you would like to ask”.

This is how any job interview usually ends.


You can breathe now. You did your best and now it’s over. You thank the interviewer and you say goodbye. Now you’re going home (or you stand and stretch your legs if it was a remote interview). But as you calm down, all the adrenaline turns into a weird feeling.

“…and now I just wait?”

You feel powerless. It’s not up to you anymore.

But it doesn’t have to! Here’s our list of 10 things to do after a job interview we collected with the help of our recruiters, who have years of experience interviewing developers like you!

How about what should you not do after a job interview?

We also thought of that, so we added a few “not to do’s” to some points of the list.

And to make it easier for you to apply these points, we divided the article into three sections: when you’re still with the interviewer, after you get home, and after a week.

What to do after a job interview: while you’re still with the interviewer

There are two things you should do before you say goodbye.

1 – Ask questions about the position

Asking questions will show that you care about the job details, and that you’re confident enough to ask the recruiter about it.

Lots of candidates I interview simply give out answers, but don’t make any questions. And there are so many things you can ask about:

  • How will it be my day to day if I get this job? 
  • Who will my teammates be? What’s their role?
  • What’s the most important skill valued by this position?”- Rita Santos, Ambassador of KWAN.

2 – Ask about the next steps

Not only you show your interest by asking about it, but you’ll need this information to organize your schedule. Especially if you need to combine a second interview or a technical challenge with a full-time job.

What to do after a job interview: after you get home

Or you close the video call window, if it was a remote interview.

3 – Write down any impressions you had

Now it’s time to write down your impressions: how did you like the person or the people who interviewed you?

Is there anything you didn’t say that you wish you had?

Is there anything you would like to say or show if the recruiter calls you for a second interview?

What should you not do after a job interview? Overthink it. Give it a thought, write down about the positive and the negative points, and then let it go.

Keep analyzing the interview over and over again will only cause additional and unnecessary stress!

4 – Add the recruiter on Linkedin

What are good signs after an interview?

The recruiter accepting your Linkedin invitation is definitely a good sign!

And even if you end up not getting the job, you’re growing your network and you’re putting yourself in a favourable position for upcoming opportunities.

5 – Ask for feedback

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

Assuming that you don’t get the job, wouldn’t it be useful if the recruiter tells you exactly what they didn’t like about your interview so you can work on it and get better?

Whether it’s about your soft skills or your technical skills.

Will they give you a detailed report on your performance? Definitely not if you don’t ask for it!

Plus, the recruiter will enjoy the fact that you care about their opinion. Extra points for you.

So, not too long after the interview (don’t wait a month to write this e-mail or the recruiter might forget some of the details!) write to the recruiter and ask them for feedback.

But don’t send that e-mail just yet, there’s a couple more things you could find useful to add up!

6 – Say thanks

When writing an e-mail asking for feedback, here’s something you can’t forget: say thanks! Yes, doing interviews is part of the recruiters’ job but they probably went the extra mile and you don’t even noticed!

Here’s what we mean by ‘going the extra mile’:

Once I interviewed a COBOL developer who was unemployed for about a year. COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages in use today, so there are not so many vacancies in this area. But I really liked to interview him so every time a COBOL vacancy came up I would try to get him the job. I had to try a few times but I finally was able to help him get a job in COBOL!” – Beatriz Marques, Ambassador of KWAN

7- Share something you forgot during the interview

Did you finish the interview and suddenly remembered something else you would like to have said? Right after you leave the office or close the video call window?

You still have a chance to let the recruiter know!

Or maybe you didn’t forget about anything but you tried to describe something simpler to show than to tell about?

Add that to the feedback/ thank you e-mail!

Now you can send it. ????

8 – Contact your references

How awkward would it be if the recruiter calls your references and they answer “Who are we talking about exactly?”

Very much awkward.

Call them. Now.

…if you haven’t yet.

What to do after a job interview: after a week

It’s been a few days, so now it’s time to…

9 – Remind the recruiter you’re still very much interested in the position

How long does it take to hear back after a job interview?

If the recruiter didn’t specify a date, then a week is the expected period. So if you’ve done your job interview more than 7 days ago, it’s time to ask for an update and remind the recruiter that you’re still very interested in the job!

Will that make a difference? You’ll probably never know. 

But it shows the recruiter that you care, and that it wasn’t just another job interview among many others.

What should you not do after a job interview? If the recruiter specifically said when you’d be hearing from them, respect that. There’s no point in asking for an update after a week if they said they would get in touch in two weeks.

10 – Prepare for a second interview

Grab your notes regarding the first interview and do even better this time!

…and, when you’re done, go back to the first item of the list and apply, once again, our list of 10 things to do after a job interview!

Hopefully this is the reply you’re going to get afterwards:


Without the crazy eyes. ????

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And we’ll present you all the cool opportunities we have available! ????